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  • Repairing postpartum skin problems. Improve skin aging, looseness, roughness, uneven skin tone.

  • Fragrance free \ pigment \ harmful ingredients

  • Effectively reduce the reduction of childbirth, pregnancy, skin loss after skin thinning (skin contraction) and skin wrinkles.

  • Supplement collagen, promote the synthesis of elastin, repair damaged skin cells.

  • The essence of ingredients decomposition of melanin, reduce pigmentation, uniform color.

  • Deep nourish the skin, improve dry and rough skin, effectively improve skin firmness and elasticity, promote skin lubrication.

  • Suitable skin: normal skin can be used

  • To use: 3 months after pregnancy - 1 year postpartum can be used, apply appropriate amount of morning and evening every day in the body, especially the abdomen, chest, thighs and buttocks prone to crack sites, gently massage until completely absorbed.

  • Note: breast-feeding should avoid painted on the chest, to avoid contact with children.

  • This product is suitable for people: stretch marks, obesity lines, growth lines, cracks, orange peel lines, pigmentation, loose belly skin
    A, home use: daily morning and evening use three times, clean the skin, after the hot towel deposited in the stretch marks of the site, until the skin is warm, and then against the ear brushing stretch mark cream 10-15 minutes, the amount of product is generally cream 2-3 times.
     B, the beauty salon to use: clean the skin - exfoliating (according to the skin surface dead skin may be) - Tu stretch marks cream massage - thermal spray 3 to 5 minutes - 5 to 8 minutes ultrasound introduction.

>1x stretch mark remover
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