All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on fittie. Any form of an infraction will lead to account suspension.

Seller Code of conduct

This policy requires that sellers act honestly on fittie to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. All sellers must:

  • Provide accurate information to Fittie and our customers

You should provide accurate information ranging from account details to products you upload on the site. List your products in the correct category.

  • Not attempt to influence customer reviews

Fittie provides a very effective means for customers to rate vendors. Customers will upload pictures of products they receive, along with their feedback. You should not at any point use the customer details to influence ratings or reviews on your products.

  • Adhere to return policies. 

You are required to accept any return from Fittie in case of a return. Refer Fittie return Policies. 

  • Warrant Information.

If you sell electronic merchandise like Phones, Tablets, TVs, Gaming Consoles, Computers, Fridges, Microwaves and Home Theatre systems, you must provide warrant information and should be adhered to in case of a complaint.

Violating the above code of conduct may result in negative actions towards your account such as suspension, forfeiture of payments and removal of selling privileges.